Monday, December 5, 2011

Geri Ahearn Reviews The Second Republic by Author Steven Clark Bradley

This review is from Geri Ahearn who is one of the best reviewers on the net. I know you'll find Geri's review so interesting for you! Take a look below:
The Second Republic: Patriot Acts Series (Volume 2)

Thousands of innocent Americans have been killed by a deadly virus as the President of the United States races against time to stop it. Steven Clark Bradley takes the reader behind the chilling scenes, inside the White House as treachery and terrorism reaches its peak, while extreme measures are taken to avoid destroying America's constitutional freedom.

A hero is born as the intriguing characters come to life in a captivating story that sends chills up your spine! The author, who has traveled to thirty-four countries, uses his expertise in historic knowledge, then creates an unforgettable story in a novel that will haunt the mind long after closing the book. The mysterious events that take place will indeed leave the reader with one scary question. What if America could not stop the next horrific terrorist attack, despite the increased amount of security? I highly recommend 'The Second Republic-Patriot Acts-Part II' to all thriller lovers who enjoy explosive action, combined with intense suspense.
The devastation and horror of the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, left a mark in history that America will never forget. However, the thought of a bio-terror attack, planned to target the United States without warning becomes a nightmare relived in the reader's mind of the possible frightening consequences. Fisher is a fascinating character, and the story becomes more realistic, page-after-page.

The author penned an incredible compelling novel that's made for the movie screen, with a story that's too close to home. This novel will keep you on the edge of your seat as vivid images are painted throughout to capture the imagination, leaving an impressive aftermath. As the tension begins to increase, along with aggression, so does the reader's curiosity Could 'The Second Republic' appear in the headlines tomorrow, will America be prepared, and who will survive? This electrifying novel is as entertaining as WORLD TRADE CENTER, and as thrilling as AIR FORCE ONE, with Harrison Ford.
Thank you Geri! You captured the spirit of my novel perfectly my friend!

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