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Blogger - Agenda 21 Introduction by Steven Clark Bradley

Here is the new introduction to my first book of my blogger series. Called Blogger Agenda 21. What you are about to read is fiction in that I have placed it in a fictional setting with fictional characters, but the scenario described in the introduction to my book is real, true and already in motion. Agenda 21 is a real United Nations' effort to imprison the who globe in a tightly knitted scheme to reduce all to cattle, but real cattle will be of greater value. I hope you read this and feel the eeriness of it all. The great secret is though is that it is REAL!


“Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced a major shift in the priorities of both governments and individuals and an unprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources. This shift will demand that a concern for the environmental consequences of every human action be integrated into individual and collective decision-making at every level.” - Excerpt, UN Agenda 21


Blogger - Nathan Hawk

Underground Controversy Network Podcast

December 2, 2012

“Thank you for reading my Weekly Grime Podcast about how your freedom is being stolen right out from under you. In fact and in truth, the nation The United States of America is, for all practical purposes, gone already anyway, right? Not at all! We still have a constitution and we must insist it be followed.

“Hey you! Yeah, that’s right, you, and all of you. All of you who love freedom have to stand up and insist that the nation we created when we voted to uphold the constitution, at the beginning of the republic return and that the government be limited and the people’s freedom be king. All of you and me, we all have a responsibility to leave a free society behind for our children. You all out there in this underground Controversy network all know Dr. Sam Wells. He is a national treasure and often a very personal headache for me. Well, Sam Wells has written down what he’d like to say about a UN designed environmental program America has already signed onto. It is called Agenda 21, and its final implementation will take place, it may mean the end of liberty and what may well be the establishing of a world-wide totalitarian society.”

“Um, yea, uh I am Sam Wells, the name probably means something deep. Did you comprehend the comedy of what I just said? Jokes are not what stimulates the brain cells inside my head, but here’s something that will activate your fear inducers, though!

“You see, well you couldn’t actually see it yet in your mind because I have not actually told you yet; but I am about to. See, well you couldn’t actually …”

“Sam,” Blogger said. “Tell us about it, OK?” Blogger gently persuaded Sam.

“Um … right. In 1992, the United Nations, which is not united nor a nation, successfully passed the environmental action plan called Agenda 21 for sustainable development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Agenda 21 is the global-transformational result of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in the Brazilian city. Oh I like Brazil! Brazilian women are the best lovers. Let me tell you about Lola. That girl was …” Sam Wells looked at Blogger. He stopped talking and looked directly into the most powerful camera he had ever designed and built.

“Agenda 21is an all-inclusive plan of action that, when fully implemented, will absorb every living person globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the UN, governments, and major groups in every area where humans directly affect the environment.”

Blogger looked at the counter that kept him up to date on the traffic to his sites across the internet. It was buzzing. In his own peculiar mesmerized the podcast audience with offbeat character pure sincerity and innocence. Over three million listeners were tuned in. That many listeners would normally fry a server, but not the ones that Sam Wells built, and he was always improving their speed and power and memory.

“The world applauded the killing of America’s number one enemy, Osama Bin Laden.” Sam said in a steady voice now. “Yet, under the American people’s noses, silently, Agenda 21 is currently extending its reach into the very fabric of American society. Every single corner of the globe is being readied to usurp power over the American Republic by America’s real enemy, the United States government.

“Most people don’t even know about it or have only heard of it as a conspiracy theory, but it is slinking into everything we do, what we buy and what we sell, where we live and what we eat and how we prepare it. It will eventually affect what you drive, where you work and how you heat and cool your home and work place and it may well be irreversible. Agenda 21 is the United Nation’s designed program presented and approved in Rio in 1992.” Blogger threw an M&M at Sam Wells and hit him in the head. Sam turned with perturbed look on his face and Blogger mouthed the words, “I’m up now.” And Sam shouted the words back. “Oh your turn, OK! Here’s Blogger, my friends.”

“Well, there’s nothing like a smooth transition and that was nothing like a smooth transition.” Blogger joked with his listeners and mocked at Sam. Sam started to throw a peanut at Blogger but stopped and looked at it and found it more logical to eat it than to throw it at Nathan Hawk and plopped it into his mouth.

Blogger got his message out to the underground world. “American conservatives snickered at the possibility of such shifts in power ever being possible, and the right laughed it off. It seemed crazy and impossible, at that time, to ever happen here. But, indeed, that was another time, a different era. We are not witnessing failures of the Arthur administration. What America and the entire world see is the slow and silent implementation of Agenda 21. It is happening, and it is taking shape and gaining power and authority right now.

“In ‘Realspeak’ as opposed to ‘Newspeak’, Agenda 21 is a totalitarian comprehensive environmental program that, when fully implemented, will direct where you live, how much water you can use, and how and where you can travel. Officially, Agenda 21 is being marketed as a worldwide effort to ensure that all human beings will have access to adequate housing, health care, water and food. The means by which this diabolical accord will achieve its sinister aims will require a massive redistribution of wealth from prosperous countries to poorer countries. Predictably, capitalistic countries, like the United States, will suffer lower standards of living, while poor nation’s standards will rise. And, they call that progress; it is, in actual fact, suicide.

It is important to note that Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Thomas Arthur have all have signed onto Agenda 21, through Executive Orders. Hundreds of governors, mayors, and county commissioners have also signed onto this agreement that will, in effect, end the super-power status of the United States, which has already happened, as a matter of fact. Under the controls and subjugation of Agenda 21, the future, your future, America’s future is even now being relegated to mediocrity, an idea of the past, a nation that squandered its standard of living; a nation controlled and being dismantled by President Thomas Arthur.

Arthur has made sure that your children’s standard of living shall be lowered into a new dark age, without the current power base of a healthy, gun-laden and faithful American citizenry. America’s slightest gesture of pulling out of the accord and this totalitarian regime of Thomas Arthur will take you down. What Agenda 21’s tentacles are already latched onto is only now emerging, but it is evident and clear that President Arthur was put in office with the dismantling of the United States of America as his mandate. In that devilish effort, he has been masterful.

Sound like Fiction? It is not. Agenda 21 is real and its related programs will eliminate many things we hold dear and common in the developed free world. The things we as free Americans have enjoyed and have taken for granted are declared “unsustainable” in Agenda 21 and will be abolished. Here are some things that will no longer be legal under the ever-extending grip of Agenda 21.

Once this accord is fully in place, all private property rights of ownership will be a thing of the past. All forms of irrigation, pesticides & commercial fertilizer will become illegal as well as livestock production and most eating of meat. Privately owned vehicles will no longer be allowed and personal travel will be severely regulated much like the Soviet Union regulated its citizens in its totalitarian communist regime. The use of fossil fuels for power generation or mechanized travel will no longer be permitted under Agenda 21, and single-family dwellings will be abolished.

The economy will flounder as most forms of mineral extraction and timber harvesting will be unacceptable. Finally, the key to the implementation of all the terms found inside Agenda 21 is the UN’s mandate to reduce the human population to less than 1 billion people. We can already see that abortion, infanticide, rules against resuscitation of the elderly, the infirm and the willful negligence of providing the needed care for the mentally ill or mentally handicapped around us. These are but a few of this evil regime, along with their obtuse objectives will use to achieve this evil goal. This simply means that insurance will be no assurance at all, except for your funeral.

The mechanisms for empowering and installing Agenda 21are, for the most part, not coming from Washington D.C. or state legislatures. It is bleeding in through local city and county governments. Agenda 21 brings with it surreptitious code words, such as “smart growth,” “social justice,” “bio-diversity,” and “sustained development.” You can already hear them on a daily basis. Translated, these terms effectively mean total environmental dictatorship and the reestablishment of the pagan practice of the worship of Mother Earth.

Is this a joke? Ask the more than one hundred seventy nine countries, including the United States, who have already signed on to the Agenda since 1992. Many more have joined since then. Agenda 21 is already in progress in 600 U.S. cities. In Los Angeles County, you can no longer be given a plastic bag in the stores, and the County law forces stores to sell paper bags to force consumers to bring their own bags. It is easy to find lists of municipalities and county governments that have voted into law specific programs from Agenda 21.

The express purpose of Agenda 21 is designed to control every aspect of human life on every square inch of planet earth. As the Judeo-Christian ethic and biblical worldview dim in the world, humankind finds itself falling to the bottom of the food chain. Under Agenda 21, animals, plants and trees are regarded as more important than humans. We can already see abundant evidence of this process in motion today. The real underlying message of Agenda 21is that humanity is the problem, and nature must be conserved and take priority. It is even affirmed in the official forty-chapter document that “Mother Earth must not be scratched.”

Many socialistic, communistic, and liberal organizations and international leaders are behind Agenda 21 and its related programs. It will take dedication of time and effort on our part to truly understand all the implications of this pervasive program. Think of the world your children will inherit if we don’t stop it and similar battering on our freedoms. Do not make the mistake of writing this off as some conspiracy theory. There will be many conspiracy eventually wrapped around this lie, but Agenda 21is not a theory. It’s here; just look around you.

Agenda 21 is just another attempt by man to recreate heaven on earth. Let me paraphrase David Chilton, in his book Paradise Restored. His idea as he sees it is that humanity has been trying to get back into the Garden of Eden ever since we were expelled. Each time we try, we create another hell on earth. Agenda 21 will be no different. In reality, this will not spawn a new age of enlightenment, but will, by design, in fact, build impenetrable walls from within which, no freedom-loving person will survive.

Nathan Hawk, Blogger

Underground Controversy

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If you would like to learn more about the Agenda 21 and the environmental green movement and the true war it is about to unleash, check out the link posted below titled, The Green Agenda. This is the real stuff. It's your freedom; how are you going to feel when it's gone?

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