Monday, November 3, 2008

The Fabric of Our Nation...

The pursuit I am on, that which drives me is an all-consuming need of revealing the danger of refusing to fear God and our ease with which the American people have swallowed Obama’s lies. God has been certainly patient with the world, and I feel the need to show what the total loss of faith in the world will hold for the future of America. Your decision will determine whether this nation shall continue into unforeseen future or rush us all into a premature grave that will have been prepared by Barack Hussein Obama.

Underground Controversy to Read:
In A World Gone Mad!

This is a dramatization of what America is facing with an impending President Barack Hussein Obama and his certain to be aggressive Administration. His policies will demand that he be a tyrant, for no true American shall ever give up neither their voice nor their guns, or the right to own one, though I have none.

This story is frightening, but the idea that it is not so much fiction as it is but a true depiction of what is in store for America. It is all pointing out that this election will mean the overwhelming change in the fabric of this nation.

None of the reasons why oppose the world of Barack Obama are even the slightest bit based on race. My reasons are all based on character and respect for life. It is the loss of faith and charity, which always results in the loss of liberty. This makes me fear for the country we love.

On November 4th 2008, before you pull that lever, ask yourself who will protect your children, who will protect your retirement, who will truly make sure that America remains safe. You will find, if you listen to the one who knows and to your own heart, that a vote for Barack Husssein Obama is a vote for tyranny and loss of freedom. It is your country. Keep her free!

~~Author Steven Clark Bradley

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Sheila-Army Wife said...

I'm not for Obama, but since he is our President Elect, I hope he does a good job. But I also didn't care for McCain either.
I do sometimes feel that the only reason he won is because he IS Black. Maybe this will help Black people to get over the racism. Jews were slaves, but we don't see them out there making a big ruckus and big deal out of the past.
I don't fear GOD, because MY God doesn't let poor innocent children die.
But that is just my opinion.
ok, so I *whew*
Nice Blog by the way.