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Voices Of The Patriots - Joyce Spizer Foy - Exercising Her Freedom of Speech

I met Joyce Spizer Foy a few months ago and she took a real and very encouraging interest in my writing. I was in the middle of my new novel, The Second Republic. Since that time, Joyce has taken my novel and added what only a first-class editor knows how to do. She has been a tremendously encouraging help to me and I am sure that my time working with her has made me a much better writer and I count her as a mentor for me, this ever-learning, very dedicated writer that I consider myself to be.

There are people that we meet along the road of life who stand out as champions of what they do. Joyce Spizer Foy is a champion of many fields of endeavor, as you will see as you read through this post. Joyce Spizer Foy is an American who knows she’s free and by writing what she believes and by helping others to exercise their freedom, I can truly say that hers is a life of freedom to exemplify the greatest of a things that free people cherish and giving her a strong and hearty voice of a Patriot.

When was the last time you met someone with a life so full and rich that their careers spanned having been and a Private Investigator, an author, a screenwriter, a playwright, a lyricist and a teacher? Well, Joyce Spizer Foy has incredibly worn all those hats and is going strong. Joyce Foy is a great friend of mine and has become a real mentor on producing a literary work that shines, captivates readers and which comes to life.

Joyce Spizer Foy worked as an investigator for thirty-seven years covering eleven states. She investigated both criminal and civil cases in both the private sector and the corporate world, including Cannell Productions, Carolco Productions, and Universal Studios. Joyce has a BA, an MBA and has completed her ABD for a Ph.D. in marketing from CSU.

Here writing includes “The Cop was White as Snow” (Published 1998), “I’m Okay, You’re Dead” (Published 2000), “It’s Just a Spleen and a High School Ring” (Published January 2004) are three published novels in the Harbour Pointe Mystery Series. These are fictionalized stories based on real cases which Joyce investigated.

Joyce has also written may non-fiction works ranging from an award-winning "How-to" book that teaches authors how to market and promote their work in 2002, titled “Power Marketing Your Novel”. Joyce also has an updated version of this award-winning book called Blitz Your Book To A Best Seller.

In 2002 wrote her first of several excellent biographies. Her debut biography “The Cross Country Killer, the Glen Rogers Story” (2002), centered on O.J. Simpson’s investigative team’s #1 suspect in the Brown/Goldman murders. She conducted a winter/spring 2001/2002 radio, television, and book tour that was conducted in fourteen states and forty-two cities.

In 2003, Joyce Foy wrote, “Rejections of the Written Famous”. This book is a collection of rejection letters that famous writers forwarded to Joyce along with stories of industry titans who pressed on in the face of rejection and failure. She also co-authored an award-winning biography “Howard Keel: Only Make Believe” published by Barricade Books in September 2005. It is now in its 3rd printing. Joyce Foy also co-authored a biography of internationally famous sculptor, artist, poet, and playwright, Colin Webster-Watson with Mrs. Howard (Judy) Keel titled “The Boy from Manawatu.” She co-authored a biography of Pat Winning a Guinness World Book of Record holder call “Bartender Pat,” currently, represented by a New York literary agent.

Joyce Foy’s ventures as a screenwriter and playwright led her to write “Valley Confidential,” a two-act musical presented at the McCallum Theater in Palm Desert, California, in October 2004. This work was the winner of twelve award nominations. Joyce wrote the musical book with Grammy award-winning Paul Gilman who wrote the music while Joyce Foy wrote the lyrics. The Play proceeds were donated for scholarships for seniors at local high schools.

Joyce is also the Executive Producer and co-writer of a romantic comedy motion picture script titled “Off Your Rocker,” which set in the Coachella Valley. She is the Executive Producer and co-writer of “The Vegas Kid,” a motion picture comedy based on the last TV cowboy to be fired.

Joyce Spizer Foy’s marketing book won the IRWIN Award in 2000 and received Honorable Mention at the National Writer’s Association’s for the David Raffelock Award in 2001. She was Book Publicist of the Year in 2000 from the Book Publicists of Southern California. Her book, “Howard Keel: Only Make Believe” won the IRWIN Award in 2006, and was the Best Non Fiction Book of 2006 in the Hollywood Book Festival Award. Joyce was named Soroptimist International’s Woman of Distinction 2000. Also in 2000, she was named National League of American Pen Women’s Woman of Achievement and was named La Quinta’s Cultural Artist of the Month twice in 2000. In April 2002, Joyce Spizer Foy was named one of Top 25 Coachella Valley Women to Watch by Palm Desert Post Weekly.

Finally, in what had to be a very special moment, in May 2000, Joyce was recognized on the floor of Congress by Congresswoman Mary Bono as a Woman Helping Woman recipient. See, I told you. Joyce Spizer Foy is a powerhouse of excellent writing and highly professional, patient help to writers all over the country.

Here's An Example of
Joyce Spizer Foy's Excellent Advice

Writing that Dynamite Query/Pitch Letter

Your mother was right when she told you, “Good first impressions are so important.” In this case, the query/pitch letter may be the ONLY marketing opportunity you have to catch an agent’s/editor’s/producer’s eye. So don’t waste it. The rules are simple, hard, and fast.

You’re not writing this letter to impress them with your writing content or style. This is a marketing letter to see if what you have to offer – fits their acquisition and marketing department needs as well as their expertise in your genre at this point. Don’t send poetry to a mystery house. As they read the letter, don’t give them any reason to say, “No,” and return your manuscript. Stay in the, “Yes,” and you will, if you’ve done your homework.

Ask for their guidelines for submission and follow them. If you don’t send a SASE, your work will not be returned.

Make sure you have the correct spelling and address for the recipient of this query. “Dear Sir or Madam,” is a no-no. If it’s John Smith, write, “Dear Mr. Smith,” not “Dear John.” Call the house and make sure that person still works there. Publishing is a revolving door. Can you believe, some people at agencies and publishing houses die?

The one page query/pitch letter has six elements – in this order.

What’s your ANGLE? This is the most powerful paragraph in your one page letter. Use your “sound byte” in the opening sentence. Then tell the reader your genre, word or page count (about 250 words per page if you need to guess) and the title of your work in a creative way. Grab the reader’s attention with this teaser paragraph. If your romance book is 15,000 words, the rejection slip is on the way. Romances are very long. Know your genre.

What’s your APPROACH? What is your background for this subject? What’s your hook? Who are your sources? Impress the editor/agent with the credits you have.

Why are you the best AUTHOR of this work? It’s bio time. Your writing expertise and publishing credentials go here. Don’t apologize if you have none. Simply gloss over this part.

Who is your AUDIENCE? Zero in on the short version of your marketing plan. Who will your work appeal to? What is your dowry? Make sure the editor/agent knows your work is a marriage for his/her market. My marketing plan for Howard Keel’s book was seven single line pages long.

And your ADDRESS is…the last paragraph is the “thank you” part. Include all the information that isn’t on your heading. Don’t say, “I’m looking for an agent.” DUH. Isn’t that why you’re writing that person? Don’t waste that page on the obvious.

After all is said and done, ANALYZE the letter again. You believe the letter is accurate? Read it again and again. Check for typos, grammar usage, and tight, sharp, eye-grabbing facts. State only the facts. Don’t say, “This is the best work you’ll receive this year.” No, it isn’t. And hyperbole/conjecture like that only wastes words in a tight one page query, defines you as a pre-published writer, and weakens your presentation as well.

Act like you’ve arrived, they just haven’t discovered you yet. I always tell my students that.

Send it first class, or email if they accept Internet submissions. Any other expensive way is a waste. All material is opened in a mailroom by people who don’t care how fast it arrived. Your work is placed in a folder and delivered without the envelope.

Writing a powerful query/pitch letter is, in many cases, harder to write than your project itself. Spend some time preparing and editing the query. Good luck.

Joyce Spizer Foy

Featured Book by Joyce Spizer Foy

" insightful look into the mind and making of a...predator. An important addition to the literature on serial murder." -- Michael Newton, Author of The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers

The Cross Country Killer, the Glen Rogers Story provides an insightful look into the mind and making of an American predator. Glen Rogers, twice on America's 10 Most Wanted list, is currently on death row in Florida. He brags about having killed over 70 people, one of which may have been Nicole Brown Simpson. Could it be a coincidence she was murdered just after meeting Glen. There are witnesses who saw them partying together and there's even a photo of them together. A sad but fascination story that will keep you mesmerized to the end.

An Excellent Book Review

Not your typical true crime
Joyce Spizer is the only writer who could possibly makes us feel outrage on behalf of a monster. How does she accomplish this? By showing us the failings in the justice system and the social supports and the schools that could have prevented the deaths of the 70 people of which Glen Rogers has killed, that we know about. Joyce's most shocking revelation is not that Glen may be the one who actually killed Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. This will most likely be a matter of fierce debate, as will her contention that Glen Rogers' depravity is partly due to his unfit parents, who have rendered all but one of their seven children forever damaged (they have 300 arrests between them.) Her insight into judicial errors of L.A. County and Florida makes you take seriously her argument that the law enforcement officials who failed to stop Glen Rogers before he killed his first victim are as much to blame for the ruined lives as Glen himself. Joyce sets out to do something revolutionary, and succeeds in sounding a "wake-up call" to all those who just wash their hands of troubled at-risk juveniles.
You Can Get Your Copy By Clicking The Link Below
The Cross Country Killer by Joyce Spizer Foy

Here are some of Joyce Spizer Foy's other works

Blitz Your Book Into A Best Seller (CD-ROM)

Joyce Foy is a woman who didn’t give up on her dreams, and she won’t let you either.

When Joyce’s first book was published in 1998, she presented her publicist with a seventeen-page dream list for her tour. Joyce had completed the first 10% – getting the book published. Marketing is the other 90%. After all, who are your buyers once your Christmas card list is exhausted?

IRWIN Award-winning author and screenwriter, Joyce Foy, wants to help you with that 90%. This marketing book is chocked full of new concepts, ideas, and resources that both the published and the yet-to-be published authors cannot succeed without.

You can view this book on your computer using Adobe Reader and print out any pages on your computer printer. Adobe Reader installers are included on this CD-ROM.

From Selma to the Super Bowl,

This is the story of Leroy Hill's family. Leroy's son played in the NFL. Maybe you heard of him: Tony Hill #80 wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, 1976 to 1986.

Leroy Hill never used his blackness as an excuse to waive his responsibilities to his God, his family, his friends or his profession. One of his sons, Anthony (Tony) Hill, became one of the youngest players to ever be drafted by the NFL. Earning a position as wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, Tony was awarded #80 on his jersey and the nickname “Thrill Hill” for his explosiveness. Tony played for the Cowboys from 1976 to 1986 and won two Super Bowl rings. His father, Leroy, acted as his manager and agent—a first ever in the NFL.

Leroy Hill, a boy from the bottoms, was born the poorest of poor in the South long before the words “equal rights” were used in the same sentence. He faced racial profiling, job and housing discrimination, bigotry, and hatred for decades and despite it all—he joined the navy, served aboard the USS Lexington during World War II, fought in the Korean War, and had a successful career in the private sector.

Rejections of the Written Famous.

What do Ray Bradbury, Albert Einstein, and Henry Ford have in common? Their stories of rejection, failure, and overcoming adversity are light-heartedly told in Joyce Spizer's latest book, Rejections of the Written Famous. If you're bummed and need inspiration, Joyce Spizer's newest book is just the cure for the blues. Whether you're a writer, artist, entrepreneur, musician, or dreamer, this collection of inspirational quotes and short stories from those who didn't give up will make you or someone you love, smile. Joyce didn't give up on her dreams, and she won't let you either.

Power Marketing Your Novel

Reader Reviews
This author was named Book Publicists of Southern California and this book won the Irwin Award for 2000. Spizer regularly teaches creative marketing, media classes at the university and college levels and atwriting conferences, sharing her innovative ideas with other authors. This is the consummate “how-to” for published and pre-published authors.

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If you need someone to do an excellent job of making your novel shine, getting it ready to go to the publisher or any number of other types of help that authors commonly need, contact Joyce Soizer Foy and I know she'll go beyond all of your expectations.

She is a voice of a Patriot!

You can contact her at
Joyce Spizer


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