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So, How Will You Feel Tomorrow...?

I love to speak my mind, but with the temper of someone who realizes that I need to be open to other people’s opinions. My writing reflects this boldness and desire to record, in fictional terms, the issues and dangers that we as a people in our current society now face. Boldness speaks in terms that get readers’ attention. I strive to accomplish the goal of causing readers to consider what they believe and to open their minds to consider the peril of our ways so that we can take stock of the current direction of our lives.

I do not consider myself Prophetic. I do not feel some pie in the sky religious fanaticism and nor do I claim to see visions or hear voices that told me what the past means for the future. In fact, in Nimrod Rising, I am talking about logically determining where certain changes will ultimately take us as a people and whether our ultimate place as a nation will be better and more secure or increasingly dangerous and hopeless. I think the most important thing for a writer of such genres as I write such as Nimrod Rising is to be open-minded. I need to try to get beyond the physical world we see every day and try to accept that there is more out there than just us. I don't want people to consider Nimrod Rising as just another scary story. It is far more than that. Nimrod Rising is a book about the history of life and the origin of evil. As I write, I pose the questions such as: Who are we? Where did we come from? What was here before us? Where are we going? Are there answers to the question why the world faces such peril today? Nimrod Rising offers “possible” answers to those questions. I want to awaken the imagination and the cause self perception as readers taken in my stories.

Now, continue to read Nimrod Rising Tick Tock Part Two and see how the past events that have either shaken the nation or how they have lulled us to sleep. It is important to take stock and draw a line in the sands of time as I paint a very plausible future scenario of where current political events and policies could ultimately take the nation we love in the future. I know you’ll find it as real as it gets!

Nimrod Rising – Tick Tock Part Two

Thomas Jefferson had penned the words himself, actually quoting from John Locke’s words, that humanity had certain inalienable rights such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, though John Locke had stated differently in reality by declaring that a people had the rights of life and liberty, the pursuit of property. Locke had desired to instill in the minds of people that they had the right to ownership, posterity and physical possessions that would one day give proof to their having been on the Earth. In changing Locke’s words, Jefferson had set America’s eyes toward some inexplicable, unreachable, intangible goal of pleasing one’s self at all costs, even at the price of selling out one’s own freedom, one’s own country! Such attitudes and inabilities to act to save the land had left the people bewildered and always in the throws of change. The locust had come in as a storm that could not be measured in severity, and which by no means could ever be stopped. The American Babylon would fall to the ground before an eye could be aroused or before a sound could be interpreted. With that unholy day when the smoke rose up like the face of Lucia and consumed those who fled from its face, when missiles of concrete slammed into the bodies, hearts and minds of those who endured its rage, the Swarm had ushered in the end of the laissez-faire society; and the entire world wept.

The changes in society brought about by the Swarm were at first subtle. Then, as the doors into the misty, creeping social abyss had finally swung wide open, very distinct tactics were revealed that did, in fact, undermine the very social fabric of a once noble and moral society. Laws were passed that would sentence anyone to death who willfully, through some violent act, caused the death of an unborn fetus even if the mother was not killed. Yet, American justice and American society had collaborated in the murder of tens of millions of unborn babies in the form of thousands of abortion clinics across the land. This inconsistent ideal and the scourge of sexual diseases had also planted their venomous roots. Not to be worried, safe sex could still be had, or so it was proclaimed, and children were challenged to make their own decisions about when to have and how to have “safe sex” and how to safely take drugs no matter what their parents had to say about it, never mind the moral issues or the consequences to ones health and to decide their own perceived genders! Students were taught to turn in their parents if they felt they were being abused in some way. These things were not wrong anymore simply because society had decided it so. Nobody had stopped to ask what Elyon had felt! The nation seemed worn-out, wearing visages of the excessively burdened, overly paranoid and completely severed as a people and ravaged by rage. They seemed ready to sell their historic birthright for a mess of new-age porridge, ready to give away their liberty for the gods of peace, prosperity, promiscuity and security! This highly-technologically advanced society seemed to have taken on a life of its own, transforming its citizens into its slaves of selfishness, imprisoned by their own need of self-gratification. The American people now serviced the system rather than the other way around.

Was it all an accident? Was this simply the natural evolution of a free and forward-looking people or was this all a scheme; a well tooled and orchestrated game of Sodom killing Gomorrah? Issues such as surveillance, environment, social upheavals, genetic mutations, Same-sex marriage, Cyber-space technology, scandal ridden political leaders and new age religions seemed to rob the land of any vestige of the country that had once existed. Those who truly decried the lengths to which the government had to go to protect the people were few and far between. Everyone just wanted a safe and sterile place in which to play their evil and destructive games. Since the Swarm had overrun the world, new laws curtailing freedom of movement, speech and assembly had been passed by the United State’s Congress and signed by the President with no other alternative available. The public had generally accepted these measures. It was not so much that the people were oblivious to their reduced rights. It was also not exactly that they agreed with the provisions, which ran roughshod over the constitution. The key to the lack of civil unrest was that there was no other way to achieve even a semblance security without the Patriot Act and its offspring in the ensuing years. These laws were deemed as logical steps to save the nation. What everyone failed to ask was the obvious fact that if such measures were required to save the American nation then, the nation was logically and undoubtedly gone already. The world seemed to have shrunk. New sets of priorities, norms and values appeared in the newspapers, magazines and on the television screens.

The government seemed to be in collusion with forces that were, though unseen and intangible, very real as to their impact on the daily lives of the people. The primary goal had become the changing of the basic values, principles and precepts that had governed the lives of the United States since its inception of liberty as a nation. The nation had so rid itself of the burdens of righteous adherence to a righteous God that when a righteous president had come to power he was ridiculed, maligned, hated and found it impossible to pull the nation back from the brink. The need of keeping track of more than five billion people throughout the world had also become a major priority. From vacuum-tube computers as large as city blocks and containing as little as 64K memory, recent vast advances in computer technology such as chips as small as a fingernail containing massive amounts of gigabytes of ram now made the Star Wars phenomenon obsolete and ancient in comparison. Technological development had now made it possible to track the world’s population within ten feet of its location. The Swarm of evil urchins and their maze of infiltration caused all of these measures to become needed and unquestionably accepted by the masses though it still seemed impossible to track down the Swarm. Population control had always remained a sacrosanct secret in the public eye. Nevertheless, the programs, steps and various avenues of raising the acceptability of the experimental, inserted chip had been often discussed and proposed during annual, biannual and quarterly conferences and meetings of such groups as the Bildeburgers, World Bank, The Trilateral Commission and meetings of several Environmental groups and the Swarm’s circle. Several ways of achieving the goals of these social engineers were discussed in these secret meetings.


Nimrod Rising - A Remnant Remains
From ancient times until today, through every travail and adversity that has afflicted mankind, when all has seemed lost and that there was no one left to hold to the truth, there has always been those that still held fast to the truth of mankind's special dignity and purpose, a remnant to cleave to the truth. Nimrod Rising demonstrates what can happen when the dignity of man is removed and what will take place when men forget that we are not mere accidents of nature. Watch "A Remnant Remains" and feel the that reality that is closer than you think to the truth. Will you be part of that Remnant?
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From credit cards to debit cards, to smart cards, it would soon become a reality that every American would eventually carry on his or her person, an electronic, description of physical features, family history, address, occupation, criminal record and income tax information, credit history and every possible element of one’s life that the government deemed necessary. The inserted chip would go one step further by going beyond the smart card in the wallet or purse that could be lost or stolen to a personalized chip worn at all times under the skin. There had been far too many victims of the Swarm. The government had a need to know all. Thanks to Hamid Assad, the young and intelligent successor to Osama Bin Laden, these evil locusts had infiltrated every facet of Western society and could be found in every nation. From the great political and financial cities of the world, such as Brussels, Luxembourg, London, Paris and New York, the agenda of the New World Order was rushed up because the attacks of Beelzebub had rocked the very lifelines of the free world. At home, the American government had given the Federal Emergency Management Agency 12.1 billion dollars for the purpose of setting up Mobil Operational facilities, developing a super sacrosanct secret police force and restoring and revamping military bases such as Tonapon, Nevada, and Barstow, the purpose of which was to form boot camps for the violent eradication of these insects who had changed America forever. These facilities eventually made Guantanamo pale in comparison. All of these events, people, groups and crises formed the skeleton of a diabolical system simply waiting to be covered with flesh and to have its nostrils filled with the breath of the devilish life of many languages, cultures and peoples moving ever so closely together.

Promises of peace and assurances of prosperity, it had all melted down creating an avalanche of deception and detestable outcries for change and a return to a past, gone though not forgotten. It would only prove attainable in some imaginary, mental Disneyland! Promises! Promises!

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