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The Patriot Acts Trilogy by Steven Clark Bradley

The Patriot Acts Trilogy by Steven Clark Bradley

“The Patriot Acts Trilogy” by Author Steven Clark Bradley represent three different stories of possible grave national crisis that the President of the United States faces that threatens the very existence of the nation. These stories are powerful and very plausible. Each volume shows the deepening of the characters and speaks of actual dangers that the United States faces today. I know you’ll feel you are really in the stories yourself. They would make excellent thrilling movies that would drive viewers to the movies.

Patriot Acts Part I 
The Republic of Iran has linked up with radical American Militia groups to carry out a covert nuclear attack on America. Colonel Fisher Harrison, the best trained Special Ops killer the military has, is the one person who can effectively retaliate against these adversaries. But Colonel Fisher Harrison was framed for a murder he did not commit by his former boss--now the President of the United States of America. The two adversaries must put aside their differences and unite to stop those in league to bring America to its knees.

Patriot Acts by Steven Clark Bradley is the story of a world that could easily be seen as the world of today. After a brief reminder of all the different wars and actions of terror that have played out upon our world recently, we are introduced to Fisher Harrison, an American soldier, who is sneaking through Iraq in 1991. Through his covert actions, American military goals are worked towards, even if they come at a high personal cost for Harrison. Like he was trained: Country Comes First. 

Although, when his presence becomes responsible for an artillery barrage upon the same people he is hiding amongst, that same noble nation decides that it's easier to declare him dead and leave him to fend for himself standing upon the enemy sands than to rescue him and risk being held to blame for the deaths that were caused. Eventually, radical ultra-conservative separatists see the good of rescuing Harrison to use his military skills against the US Government. Their plan also involves nuclear weaponry supplied by Iran (of course, this only works for either side because of a common goal of destroying parts of the American political scene they don't agree with). Can President Tate or patriot Harrison sort through all the problems and lies of this mucked-up situation and keep America safe once multiple atomic warheads are spread to undisclosed locations across the country?
Sarah Baethge 

Patriot Acts Part I (Print)
Patriot Acts Part I (Kindle)
Patriot Acts Part I (Nook)

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The Second Republic - Patriot Acts Part II 

What would America do if we were faced with a horrendous terrorist attack that no amount of security could stop? In "The Second Republic - Patriot Acts Part II," the President of the United States is confronted with a radical underground secret cabal that has targeted America with a domestic bio-terror attack that dwarfs the assault unleashed on September 11, 2001. This second book in the Patriot Acts trilogy takes the reader inside the White House where treachery and terrorism boils below its underbelly. 

While trying to avoid invoking emergency powers that could destroy American constitutional freedoms, a former Special Ops officer, now the President of the United States, races to stop a deadly virus, which has killed thousands of innocent Americans. This Fisher Harrison saga, The Second Republic, is an action thriller that could appear on any of today's headlines, on any given day with a plausible scenario for the death of humankind that is too frighteningly conceivable for comfort.

“Thousands of innocent Americans have been killed by a deadly virus as the President of the United States races against time to stop it. Steven Clark Bradley takes the reader behind the chilling scenes, inside the White House as treachery and terrorism reaches its peak, while extreme measures are taken to avoid destroying America's constitutional freedom. A hero is born as the intriguing characters come to life in a captivating story that sends chills up your spine! 

The author, who has traveled to thirty-four countries, uses his expertise in historic knowledge, then creates an unforgettable story in a novel that will haunt the mind long after closing the book. The mysterious events that take place will indeed leave the reader with one scary question. What if America could not stop the next horrific terrorist attack, despite the increased amount of security? I highly recommend 'The Second Republic-Patriot Acts-Part II' to all thriller lovers who enjoy explosive action, combined with intense suspense. The devastation and horror of the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, left a mark in history that America will never forget. However, the thought of a bio-terror attack, planned to target the United States without warning becomes a nightmare relived in the reader's mind of the possible frightening consequences. 

Fisher is a fascinating character, and the story becomes more realistic, page-after-page. The author penned an incredible compelling novel that's made for the movie screen, with a story that's too close to home. This novel will keep you on the edge of your seat as vivid images are painted throughout to capture the imagination, leaving an impressive aftermath. As the tension begins to increase, along with aggression, so does the reader's curiosity. Could 'The Second Republic' appear in the headlines tomorrow, will America be prepared, and who will survive? This electrifying novel is as entertaining as WORLD TRADE CENTER, and as thrilling as AIR FORCE ONE, with Harrison Ford.”
Geraldine Ahearn 

The Second Republic - Patriot Acts Part II (Print)
The Second Republic - Patriot Acts Part II (Kindle)
The Second Republic - Patriot Acts Part II (Nook)

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The Consortium Patriot Acts Part III  

Steven’s newest novel, The Consortium is a powerful and realistic story that reaches deeply into the hidden and sinister world of the international banking system and the global power brokers who profit from it. In September, 2008, the Federal Reserve Chairman and the Secretary of the Treasury came to President George W. Bush and issued him a suicide threat. Then Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson walked into the Oval Office and put a political gun to his own head and told the president to give them $800 billion dollars or in twenty-four hours the American economy would die and in forty-eight hours, $5 trillion dollars would disappear with the entire world economy. President Bush said yes. 

The Consortium considers what the repercussions for the United States and for the whole world political and economic system would have been if the president of the United States had said, NO?? This novel will rattle your senses simply because every action taken against America and world powers are actually taking place and bringing international powers to their knees. The Consortium is an amazing journey into the unthinkable and is an amazing conclusion to the Patriot Acts Trilogy. After reading it, watching or reading the news will never be quite the same.

“Fisher Harrison appears again in the third part of the Patriot Acts Trilogy, The Consortium. You get involved in the story from the first line, and after all, this fiction novel is characterized for being so realistic that is almost scary.”

Jean Michael Presque

The Consortium Patriot Acts Part III (Print)
The Consortium Patriot Acts Part III (Kindle)
The Consortium Patriot Acts Part III (Nook)

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