Saturday, July 10, 2010

Who is The Enemy?

Is this not what we have battled against, for which we gave our blood to free men and women and children from such displays of the hatred of one's skin color?

Look at the videos and then ask yourself if this was the administration you voted for; most certainly, I did not.

Look at the case against two Black Panthers who intimidated and interupted voters, after this federal court case had allready been won.

I cannot believe this nation will let... Eric Holder's J
ustice department drop a case in which it had already gotten a conviction against the dispicable and anarchist behavior, that if sufficiently, diabolically organized, it could roll up the nation and make it an historic wasteland. Is this the administration this country so hypnotically voted for? Yes it is, sadly.

Millions of us, both famous and those of us who are just not willing to go down without a fight warned this nation about what would be the result of a President Barack Obama. Alas, it is coming to pass.

Like myself and so many of you, we are America under attack by many who no more love this country than Bin Laden does and we have granted them citizenship.

Eric Holder Thinks
You're A Coward

(Listen to this)

The Carnege's of the past and those who came here to strike it rich and to employ millions upon millions of Americans to work, regardless of their faith, their race, their color or creed. They came to strike it rich, and were in sharp contrast to the masses who are here illegally.

Yet, the illegals are not as a great a danger to the very existence of this nation, this society as those who got to our shores and gained their citizenship, sought only for the purpose destroying us.

While the diversity on the one hand is a cherished and strengthening thing for America. Yet, this nation refused to merge, to mingle and to cherish each other differences and became way too petty and too easily offended to the point that thought will have to be outlawed to keep the peace.

So, we have granted the riches of this nation to men and women who hate what we stand for, and what we will fight to keep. Watch this footage and debate on this Black Panther case that had already been found guilty. These convicted thugs were awaiting sentencing and Eric Holder, the very smart and devious and totally despicable Attorney General of the United States submitted a VOLUNTARY DISMISSAL OF ALL CHARGES AGAINST THESE TWO CONVICTED MEN.

Tell me if this was the

The two men who you will hear say that they need to kill of few of your babies, and who had already been convicted, are now FREE MEN!

After watching this and please tell me if you can support the Obama Administration that could do such a thing. Tell me if you are willing to rush headlong over the Cliff of oblivion for this group of thugs now running the nation. Take a look and ask yourself ... do like living in Obama's America? - Steven
Clark Bradley

The Real Enemies of Freedom
Patriots of Anarchy

Do you find it still impossible that this great nation of freedom could be overrun by forces, not from a foreign power, but by forces that have been ordered to turn upon their own people. Right now, the voices of the American have been loud and passionate. All the polls show that this government is contravening the clear and verifiable will of the American people. This government and this president is stubbornly going against the large majority of the American electorate to put in place a plan for nationalized health care that will change our nation forever.
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