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Patriot Acts - A Mesmerizing Thriller!

A Mesmerizing Thriller!

June 13, 2009


Geraldine Ahearn "Author Geri Ahearn" (Phoenix, AZ)

How can America ever forget what happened on September 11, 2001? A horror that's better known as 9-1-1, and a nightmare that shocked all Americans, a disaster that should have never occurred.

Steven Clark Bradley's "PATRIOT ACTS" comes to life, and is as scary as the same day I witnessed the tragedy of the burning towers. He creates a picture-perfect image of terrorism, and brings it to life in his adrenaline-pumping story of a nuclear attack after visiting thirty-four countries, and expertise on working as a freelance journalist.


"As intense as "ARLINGTON ROAD"
where your paranoia
can become real"

I recommend this novel to all those interested to learn about terrorism, for military fiction fans, and all thriller lovers. The reader is able to dive into the dangerous mind of a terrorist, learning what motivates such a person, and why this person can become a walking time bomb. This novel leaves an aftermath behind, without a doubt and the readers will indeed keep thinking about the War on Terror, long after they close the book. For added touches, the author cleverly demonstrates what it feels like to live through a national crisis, and the reader can sense the fear through this remarkable story. "PATRIOT ACTS" is as intense as "ARLINGTON ROAD" where your paranoia can become real, and is as mesmerizing as "WORLD TRADE CENTER."

Geraldine Ahearn


Steven Clark Bradley has been to or lived in 34 countries, including Pakistan, Iraq and Turkey. He has a master's degree in liberal studies from Indiana University. He speaks French and Turkish. He has been an assistant to a prosecutor, a university instructor and a freelance journalist.

Patriot Acts The Republic of Iran has linked up with radical American Militia groups to carry out a covert nuclear attack on America. Colonel Fisher Harrison, the best trained Special Ops killer the military has, is the one person who can effectively retaliate against these adversaries. But Colonel Fisher Harrison was framed for a murder he did not commit by his former boss--now the President of the United States of America. The two adversaries must put aside their differences and unite to stop those in league to bring America to its knees.

Patriot Acts (Extended)

Where Can You Get Your Copy Of Patriot Acts?

This new exciting novel is easy to find and available all over the net. Here are a few links to help you secure you own copy of Patriot Acts.

Patriot Acts (Print Version) at Amazon,com

Patriot Acts (Print Version) at Cambridge Books

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Patriot Acts (Electronic Version) at

Patriot Acts (Electronic Version) at

Patriot Acts (Electronic Version) at

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This sounds like my kind of read. I can't wait to get my hands on one. Also, check out The GH-4 Effect at Strategic Book Publishing for the correct strategy for ending this war on terror.

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